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I don`t think there`s a real exception for rabies vaccination. You can sometimes get a containment agreement from the CDC, but that is given in rare cases (I think) depending on whether or not Canada is on the high risk list, and there are very specific rules about how you locked up your pet. Go to the CDC website and look for the containment agreement or just call it. I called them and they were very helpful. In principle, pets cannot go to the United States until they are 4 years old, as they can only be vaccinated after 3 months. And, they must be vaccinated with rabies 30 days before entry – so your puppy should receive the vaccine after 3 months if you want him/her to enter the U.S. with 4 months. Visit the CDC website at www.cdc.gov/animalimportation/dogs.html or call 1-800-232-4636, look for APHIS rules for importing dogs/animals. Good luck! In limited circumstances, the CDC may issue an unimmunized dog licence (formerly known as the Dog Detention Agreement). This authorization allows unvaccinated dogs to travel to the United States if they are requested in advance and if certain conditions are met.

If an importer is denied the opportunity to obtain a detention agreement, the refusal is issued in writing. The rejection letter received contains reasons for refusal and detailed instructions on who you can respond to, including name, address and telephone number, as well as how to file a complaint. Those wishing to challenge HHS/CDC`s decision have five working days from the time the rejection letter is received. The importer must submit the complaint in writing to the Director of the CDC, specifying the reasons for the complaint and specifying that there is a real and substantial issue. HHS/CDC will provide a written response that will begin the printed page 39406 as the agency`s final action. The complaint will be reviewed and decided by an HHS/CDC management officer who will direct the employee who issued the initial rejection letter. Due to the risk of under-vaccinated dogs to public health, HHS/CDC presents this guide describing how it will use its discretion in establishing containment agreements for dog importers. In deciding to issue a containment agreement, HHS/CDC will consider several factors to ensure that the conditions of the containment agreement are not violated or that an under-vaccinated dog poses no danger to public health. As a general rule, the non-delivery of a containment agreement results in the dog (s) refusing entry. “Refusal of entry” generally means the immediate return of the dog or dogs to the country of origin at the importer`s expense. The dogs are also maintained to their final disposal at the importer`s expense. I have the upside down version of this trip – bring our 3 months of puppies from the U.S.

to Canada.


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