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The Future of Clothing – Making it “Biofunctional”

For thousands of years, clothing has served obvious functions – it protects us from the elements (keeping us warm when it’s cold out, preventing sunburn, keeping us dry when it rains, etc.) and from injury during physical activities. We’ve even made it have more specialized functions, such as protecting us from hazardous chemicals, weapons, honey … Continue reading »

3D Printing… Organs

Using 3D printers to create human organs for transplants is becoming more of a reality and less of a sci-fi story. If you’re fascinated by techie gadgets, you’re probably well-aware of the 3D printer industry, and that there’s a wide range of 3D printers available that make objects by printing out, and building upon, successive … Continue reading »

What Has Gene Therapy Done For You Lately?

“Gene therapy” might sound like science fiction, but the field has actually made real, tangible progress over the last few years. Gene therapy refers to using DNA to treat a disease or condition (usually a genetic one). Most often, the DNA specifically goes into a patient and replaces a non-functional gene with a working one. … Continue reading »