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Reaching K-12: Biology-Related Science Fair Project Ideas

Doing a science fair project can be very daunting, especially for a child who’s never done one before. To help out the burgeoning biologist (or parent of a biologist-to-be), here we’ll explore some great biology-based science fair project ideas provided by Science Buddies. And since deadlines for many fairs are quickly approaching, we’ll focus on … Continue reading »

Camouflage Experts: Walkingsticks

Have you ever looked at part of a plant only to discover it’s actually an insect? Walkingsticks, also known as stick-bugs, are insects that have mastered the art of camouflage. With long, skinny bodies that are usually green or brown in color (or even able to change color!), these bugs easily blend in with the … Continue reading »

Biology Bytes: The Books

The Biology Bytes blog was inspired by the publication of two separate books by the same author. If you enjoy reading about the fascinating critters and plants that are all around us, or the latest developments in stem cell research or modern medicine in general, or have simply been enjoying reading the wide variety of … Continue reading »

What to Buy the Burgeoning Biologist?

Ant farms and “Sea Monkeys” have been around for decades, and it is little wonder that they’ve been so popular. These educational kits, and other kinds of temporary “pets” available today, captivate curious minds of all ages. And they can make great gifts. So if you’re looking for a perfect present for a burgeoning biologist, … Continue reading »

Dogs and Humans: Possibly a 32,000–Year-Old Friendship

“Man’s best friend” has had a close relationship with humans for thousands of years, which has resulted in the amazing diversity of breeds we’re familiar with today (specifically, more than 400 breeds exist today, 163 of which are recognized by the American Kennel Association). In fact, they’re the most diverse mammal species alive, with members … Continue reading »

Cockroaches: Pests and Pets

Cockroaches often get a bad reputation; they’re dirty, invade people’s homes, and spread disease. But because they’re generally attracted to unsanitary, damp conditions, cockroaches actually find most homes uninviting. They’re seldom found in clean living areas. And in fact, of the 4,500 species of cockroaches found worldwide, only 30 are associated with human dwellings, and … Continue reading »

Toxoplasma: A Common, Mind-Controlling Parasite

Parasites are unnerving at best, and, at worst, they’re fatal. The Toxoplasma gondii parasite has a mixture of these traits. Probably the unicellular protozoan’s most unnerving characteristic is being able to change its host’s behavior. And as if that weren’t enough – what’s also unsettling about Toxoplasma is that it’s pretty common. In fact, it’s … Continue reading »

Common Crustaceans: Pillbugs and Sowbugs

Often times the most amazing discoveries can be made in one’s own backyard. Take, for example, pillbugs and sowbugs. These are the little, grey, “armored” critters you commonly encounter if you turn over a rock, a piece of rotting wood, or a pile of decaying leaves, especially in damp areas. When revealed, you may have … Continue reading »