Siemens Non Disclosure Agreement

This does not apply to sources related to open source software, whose license terms prevail over these terms of use when making open source software available and the terms of provision of the source code. In this case, Siemens makes the source code available against the assumption of costs. 12.2 Jurisdiction is Munich if the user is a merchant within the meaning of the Commercial Code. 8.2 The information contained on the Siemens website may contain specifications or general descriptions of the technical possibilities of certain products that are not available in certain cases (e.g. B due to product changes). The required service of the product is therefore mutually agreed at the time of purchase. 4.4 The information, software and documentation may not at any time be communicated, rented or otherwise provided by the user to third parties. To the extent that the law does not allow it, the user may not modify the software or documentation, nor dissaisais, reward or decompile the software, nor separate certain parts of it. The user may make a backup copy of the software if this is necessary to ensure further use in accordance with these Terms of Use. 4.1 The use of information, software and documentation made available on or through this siemens website is subject to these Terms of Use or, in the event of updates to information, software or documentation, to the applicable license terms previously agreed with Siemens.

Separately agreed license terms, for example.B. Software Downloads, prevail over these Terms of Use. 5.3 Siemens is entitled to use free of charge the ideas or proposals stored by a user on Siemens websites for the development, improvement and distribution of its products. 9.3 ยง 9.1 and 9.2 do not intend and do not imply any change in the burden of proof to the detriment of the user. 6.2 Siemens may refuse access to the Siemens website at any time, in particular if the user fails to comply with an obligation regarding the terms of use. 12. Ancillary agreements, jurisdiction, applicable law 12.3 The various pages of the Siemens website are operated and managed by siemens Aktiengesellschaft and/or its related companies. The pages comply with the law applicable in the country where the responsible company has its registered office.

Siemens does not warrant that the information, software and/or documentation are appropriate on the Siemens website, nor are they suitable or available for view or download in locations outside of siemens. . . .


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