Sample Paymaster Agreement

Copy of the fee agreement between all intermediaries Please respect and read our requirements carefully before contacting us! We receive hundreds of Paymaster service requests every month! Unfortunately, most requests are not closed transactions or are based on fraud! A paymaster contract concerns ALL parties: issuers, recipients and intermediaries. We receive many requests from intermediaries who wish to guarantee their commissions by a paymaster contract. It doesn`t matter. However, the main contract must be concluded between the issuer and the beneficiary of the funds. If you are an intermediary, please inform the sender and/or recipient to contact us. It makes no sense to request our Paymaster services, which do not involve transmitters and receivers. International money laundering legislation requires us to perform due diligence for each transaction on behalf of banks, money laundering authorities and tax authorities. THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY TO execute or accept a mandate that is not covered by the duty of care! As agents (payers), we know the procedures and guarantee a safe and legal service. *Please note that at Ebraham Legal Services we will not participate in a transaction/deal/project itself that led to the requirement/needs of commercial agents (payers).

*We are never involved in disputes between buyers, sellers and intermediaries and remain neutral. *We never give our opinion on the transaction / deal / project. If you need more information, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail! Copy of fees/commissions to be paid either by buyer or seller Transaction volume: <100,000: 5,000 Sterling/Euro/USD Fixed transaction fees are a payment to be paid by the sender of the money to our account. Who is the sender of the funds? (Individually? A company? Who? Where?) They must comply with all provisions relating to the Anti-Money Laundering Directive, customer service information, the Equality and Diversity Directive and identification requirements. Since we are based in the UK, there are several strict rules that we must follow. Our contract will be released upon request. You may not make any changes or additions to the ebraham Legal Services documentation, as this would cause us to require, at our discretion, that the contract between us be void or not. Only when we have done our due diligence and are convinced that every person and every document is authentic and compliant with the rules will we transfer money. Otherwise, funds will be frozen and money laundering or counter-terrorism authorities will be informed in order to take appropriate action against ALL parties.

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