Intergovernmental Agreement On Censorship

[Note 85] NZ Office of Film and Literature Classification (2012) `Classifying Video Games`, oflc website, viewed 18 October 2012, . Online computer games hosted in New Zealand are also covered by classification laws. See: NZ Office of Film and Literature Classification (2012) `Classifying Online Games`, site oflc, viewed October 19, 2012, . 3.92 In DP 72, ALRC felt that national coherence would be encouraged when federal, regional and regional governments reached an intergovernmental agreement on the processing of personal data. ALRC proposed that the intergovernmental agreement establish a system of intergovernmental cooperation. The regime stipulates that states and territories should adopt legislation regulating the processing of personal data in the state and territory public sector. [114] 3.127 In DP 72, ALRC proposed that, in order to promote and maintain uniformity, SCAG should adopt an intergovernmental agreement that all proposed amendments to: 3.133 a permanent body would contribute to maintaining national coherence in the regulation of personal data. As noted above, national coherence will be enhanced when federal, regional and territorial governments reach an intergovernmental agreement to establish a system of cooperation in the regulation of personal data. The intergovernmental agreement should provide that all proposed amendments to: 3.128 of the agreement provide for a procedure where the party proposing authorisation must notify the other parties to the agreement in writing, and the proposed amendment must be reviewed and approved by scaG before being implemented.

[146] 3.110 In order to promote coherence, ALRC proposed below that the intergovernmental agreement may provide for a procedure requiring states and territories to consult before amending these provisions in their own data protection rules. 3.130 The OPC proposed that all proposed changes to data protection (health information) be approved by SCAG, in consultation with the Australian Health Conference, which includes health ministers from all Australian jurisdictions and not AHMAC, as proposed by ALRC. The OPC also proposed that the agreement could include a consultation process when states and territories propose an amendment to their own data protection regulations. [150] 3.122 COAG is the highest intergovernmental forum in Australia.


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