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First, we need to talk about how air cargo moves physically. In the same way that sea freight is containerized before being loaded onto a ship, air cargo is installed in standard “contours” called unit Load Devices (ULDs). ULDs are identified by three-letter codes such as ake, AKH and PMC. Some are containers and others are just metal pallets. Each has a particular shape, designed to fit a certain part of a particular aircraft. This is comparable to any ULD that has “parking” on the plane. Each aircraft has a very specific layout of parking spaces, and each car park can accommodate one or more types of ULDs. A perfect consolidation would be a combination of these spring cushions and metal bars that fills the entire volume of the ULD while reaching the pivot weight. In this way, use the 1000 full kilograms you have committed to and avoid wasting the volume at your disposal. Express, Priority Freight, Direct flights, secure booking, Transit time: 1-2 days from airport to airport The Block Space Agreement (BSA) is a common type of allocation, and BSAs are divided into “soft” and “hard”. In the case of a soft BSA, the carrier may cancel its allowance on a given flight without penalty if it informs the carrier in advance….


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