Welcome to Biology Bytes!


Biology Bytes is a blog dedicated to exploring all aspects of the amazing variety of biology that constantly surrounds us, one tidbit at a time. It’s updated each Tuesday.

The author of Biology Bytes, Teisha Rowland, Ph.D., is a scientist, science writer and blogger, musician, pet enthusiast, organic gardener, general nerd, and lover of all things biology. She created and wrote over 60 articles for the general biology column “Biology Bytes” for the Santa Barbara Independent newspaper, which she later revised and updated to make two different biology books. The books became the inspiration for this blog. She also created and writes for the stem cell blog “All Things Stem Cell,” which is an outlet for her to express her passion for stem cell research.

Teisha is an enthusiastic educational scientist/writer at Science Buddies, an award-winning non-profit, where some of her writing has been featured in Scientific American and National Public Radio’s Science Friday series.

You can follow Teisha on Twitter as @teisha42 or, for stem cell research tidbits, as @ATStemCell.

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