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Biology Bytes: The Books

The Biology Bytes blog was inspired by the publication of two separate books by the same author. If you enjoy reading about the fascinating critters and plants that are all around us, or the latest developments in stem cell research or modern medicine in general, or have simply been enjoying reading the wide variety of … Continue reading »

Sugar: The Hidden, Bitter Truth

Our bodies are programmed to enjoy consuming sugar, so it shouldn’t be too surprising to find that most people in the U.S. eat too much of the sweet white stuff. But what might come as a shock is just how much we consume – the answer, in short, is way too much. Not only is … Continue reading »

What to Buy the Burgeoning Biologist?

Ant farms and “Sea Monkeys” have been around for decades, and it is little wonder that they’ve been so popular. These educational kits, and other kinds of temporary “pets” available today, captivate curious minds of all ages. And they can make great gifts. So if you’re looking for a perfect present for a burgeoning biologist, … Continue reading »

Dogs and Humans: Possibly a 32,000–Year-Old Friendship

“Man’s best friend” has had a close relationship with humans for thousands of years, which has resulted in the amazing diversity of breeds we’re familiar with today (specifically, more than 400 breeds exist today, 163 of which are recognized by the American Kennel Association). In fact, they’re the most diverse mammal species alive, with members … Continue reading »

Three-Parent In Vitro Fertilization

Infertility is an extremely prominent issue for many couples. In fact, one in ten people in the U.S. will face fertility problems. A solution that increasing numbers of people turn to if they want to have a biological child is in vitro fertilization (IVF). About one million people in the U.S. seek fertility treatment of … Continue reading »

Our Early Ancestors: Were There Fewer Hominid Species Than Previously Thought?

Around 1.9 million years ago, it’s thought that the first members of our Homo genus appeared on the evolutionary scene. Probably the most well-known member is Homo erectus, who likely originated in Africa and, from there, migrated out to Europe and Asia (though some experts argue that an older migration occurred). The successful, just over … Continue reading »

Genetically Modified Microbes

When thinking of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), plants and animals are probably the first to come to mind, which overlooks possibly the most important group of all: GM microorganisms, or microbes. It was in the 1970s that the first GMO was made – it was bacteria (specifically E. coli). A few years later, researchers were … Continue reading »

The Future of Clothing – Making it “Biofunctional”

For thousands of years, clothing has served obvious functions – it protects us from the elements (keeping us warm when it’s cold out, preventing sunburn, keeping us dry when it rains, etc.) and from injury during physical activities. We’ve even made it have more specialized functions, such as protecting us from hazardous chemicals, weapons, honey … Continue reading »